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An interesting fact about Africa is that it has a population over one billion people, which makes it the second most populous continent in the world. But, all the more interesting fact is that Africa is the land of the highest linguistic diversity as more than 2000 different languages are spoken there. Among these 2000 languages, 500 languages are used as widely spoken languages in Nigeria alone. African media have to use at least 242 African languages to deliver their content to most of the population. The judicial system and Public Administration also use more than 50 languages.

Africa is also one of those world nations which are the centre of attraction for their ongoing economic growth. A lot of international companies are looking at Africa as a potential market for various consumer products. Despite this fact, the real challenge for those companies is to build communication between business and customers, and that’s where the need for translation comes.

We can proudly announce ourselves as one of the most recognised and trusted Translation Services by International Clients for African language translation. We have certified African language translators who are proficient in the native language as well as culture and diverse society. We have dedicated linguists who are selected through a rigorous process, and their work is checked and reviewed by our experienced team members who are well versed in African languages and dialects. Every project we take is evaluated and then given to the best suitable translator who will complete the project with absolute care and attention within the time limit. Our translations meet every standard of quality and accuracy, and nothing can be misinterpreted and distorted from the original text.

We offer our translation services to all the industries like medical, commercial, infrastructure, media, art and culture, business, etc. It is noteworthy that each of these fields has specific terminology for which our translators take extra care so that the real meaning should not get lost. We offer translation services for most of the African language. Some main of them are-

Afrikaans, Somali, Amharic, Swahili, Acholi, Twi, Zulu, Dzongkha, Fijian, Afar

We offer our clients a transparent quote for each project, and a regular check on the progress of the projects is also provided. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we have loyal customers across the globe. We look forward to expanding our customer base.

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