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Although English or American English is the most dominantly spoken language in the United States of America, there are several other languages which are widely spoken by millions of people there. Languages which were brought to the United States by the colonists and immigrants from Europe and Asia are also spoken by a section of the population. Thus, it is mandatory for the companies, which are interested in this developed economy to be globally visible, to be well-versed in all other languages toobesides American English. Here, is the list of some of the widely spoken languages and their importance-

Spanish: Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the United States of America after English. It is the official language of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominic Republic. It is also taught in schools and used at most of the places along with American English.

French: French is spoken by a large number of people in Hollywood, Miami, Florida and New York. French is also used as an official language in Canada and also in some states of Caribbean.

German: German is one of those widely spoken languages which were brought to the United States by the immigrants. Approximately 1.25 million people speak German in their home in America.

Some other commonly spoken languages in America are-

Polish, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc.

We are proud to announce that we have an impeccable record for providing professional Translation services in almost all languages spoken in America and we have been helping numerous firms internationally to break this language barrier and develop better communication with customers. We handpicked the best translators and linguists so that the quality of work will always remain the best in the industry.

We are renowned for accuracy and responsiveness for providing top-notch service to each of our clients. We have hired native speakers of the target language as translators who also have expertise in the subject matter in which they have to do the job. We provide a wide range of translation service for American languages in various industries and document types be it medical, academic, technical or legal, etc. Trust us with our translation services and grow globally.

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