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Onicara is a reputed human resource consultancy in India serving a large number of industry segments with high competency. We serve Indian clients and offer full HR support to global employers for talent acquisition.  We provide the following services: - Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Staffing (Permanent/Outsource/Contract), Interpretation, Talent Acquisition, Recruiter Training Programmes, Industry Hiring, Multilingual Support, Audio & Video Conference Call & Meeting. To ensure hiring of only the best candidates, who prove to be productive in the long run for the organization, we have rigorous Talent Search processes in place.

We serve a large number of industries such as Electronic, Mining Energy, Technology, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Equipment, IT, Advertising & marketing Solar, etc. With our talented panel of recruiters, who are skilled at Talent Management and Talent Acquisition, we provide a significant supporting role to businesses in hiring the right person for the right job. With a vast network in the recruitment industry, we serve both domestic and international clients and meet their requirements perfectly. 

We are known for our immaculateTop HR Consultancy Services Delhi, and Conference Services in Noida, Conference Services in Delhi, and Conference Services in Mumbai. Our services are focused on senior and Middle-level Talent Acquisition. We have been serving MNCs and Indian clients by providing them the right human resource for different industry segments and job profiles. 

Human resources are the backbone of any organization; when all factors of production are ready- it’s the workforce that turns aspirations into reality. We, at Onicara, ensure that your organization gets the best and right talent to achieve the goals and objectives you have identified for your organization. 

With our complete HR competency guidance, you can expect to get the right people walk with you in the right direction on the road to success. Success is not finite and so are your objectives which change after each milestone; so you need human resources that acts as a building block to grab the top position in your field. You need the right person that is suitable for the job who can with his qualifications, experience, and hard work deliver results within the stipulated period.  

Hiring the best candidates for multiple roles, need astute talent acquisition skills which involve shortlisting potential employees, coordination, and communication regarding interview schedules, interviewing them to make a fair judgment of their suitability for the organization. It also includes research that involves cross-checking their background and ensuring truthfulness in the written and oral communication with the candidate and finally selection which consists of the most crucial aspect- agreeing on the monetary remuneration. The payout should be such that both parties- the organization and the interviewee, mutually benefit. 

The whole process is time-consuming and needless to say you need sufficient time to deal with core issues of your organization. The best proposition for any business organization can be outsourcing the Talent Acquisition role to reputed Resource Human Consultancy such as Onicara that excels in recruitment and provides an excellent support role in making your organization a successful venture. 

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